Terms and conditions


Edutest Pty Ltd is an educational assessment organisation that provides educational and scholarship testing to schools, parents and students.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
By accessing and using the Edutest online process and/or online practice tests, the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions, as outlined below.

  1. Provision of online scholarship registration and payment.
    Schools provide Edutest with scholarship/entrance specific information that is accessed and completed by parents. Edutest hosts the schools’ application information on the Edutest website. Parents/students complete online the personal information required by the school and make required payment as designated by the school.
    If parents/guardians register online for more than one Edutest client school the student sits only one Edutest testing in a given period at the school with the earliest test date. Results will be transferred by Edutest to the other schools where the student is registered and that have later test dates within the given period. Results cannot be 'back-transferred' to a school with an earlier test date.
    However, some testing results cannot be transferred to other schools, such as with specialist schools. In these cases, the following statement will appear in their special conditions - There is no sharing or transferring of results. All other schools share results.
    The same email address must be used for every subsequent application. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure secure ID/passwords are used. Please note, students cannot re-sit a testing for any reason. For further information regarding the results transfer process, please click here.
  2. Provision of online educational and scholarship testing via Edutest’s website.
    This is a provision for schools and educational institutions only, with secure access to the testing, online assessments and student results
  3. Provision of scholarship and entrance tests.
    All tests, data and assessment, and subsequent reporting of results to schools and parents, are owned by Edutest Pty Ltd. Parents and schools do not have access to scholarship/entrance/ practice test data, raw scores, detailed diagnostic data pertaining to student results, student answer sheets, or written expression responses; nor to follow up discussions/explanations of test results (relating to practice tests and scholarship/entrance tests) with Edutest personnel or consultants; nor does the use of such tests guarantee scholarship or entrance selection to a school. Parents may receive a Parent Report, outlining the general categories of the student's results, from the school where the testing was conducted. The issuing of the Parent Report is at the sole discretion of the school. No other results or data is provided to parents.
  4. Provision of online practice tests for students.
    Parents and students may purchase a series of practice tests from the Edutest website for their use. The tests are year level specific and assess student abilities and achievements. The Edutest practice tests give students an idea of the style and format of questions that they will encounter on the day of their scholarship testing, but not necessarily the level of difficulty that a scholarship testing will present. The practice tests contain 20 items per test, while the actual scholarship tests are more detailed and have more questions, with varying degrees of difficulty.
    Practice tests are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.
    In purchasing the tests, parents/students can access the appropriate test or tests. Upon completion of the purchased tests, parents have access via their password to review the results online. Purchase of such tests does not provide the user with access to follow up discussions or explanations of test results with Edutest personnel or consultants; nor does the use of such tests guarantee scholarship selection into a school.
  5. Edutest is not responsible for the functionality of the user’s computers or equipment or software failure or the user's lack of technological competency nor will Edutest be responsible for client web browsers or internet connections. These are the sole responsibility of the user.
  6. In providing assessment services, Edutest takes all reasonable measures to ensure ethical, valid and reliable assessment data and analysis. However, test results are a general indication only, and are a measure of the student’s performance at a specific time.
  7. Some schools require student photo ID to be brought on the day of the testing. Students will be asked to bring one of the following forms of ID to the testing:
    Student card issued by the candidate’s current school
    Current student travel card
    A recent class photograph with name clearly shown
    Passport (recent)
    Current library card (with photograph)
    Should a student not bring a photo ID, then a photograph of the student will be taken on the day of the testing. The photographs will not be used for any other purpose other than student identification.
    Once student identification is checked, any photos taken on the testing day will be destroyed.
  8. Complete and accurate information must be entered when registering accounts for parents and students. The use of pseudonyms or de-identified information is not permitted.

Modifications to services

Edutest reserves the right to modify or change its services including the fees, type of assessments offered and manner of reporting the results.
Edutest provides a print and online format testing tool. Any reasonable modifications or adjustments to our products to meet the needs of students with particular needs or requirements must be requested no later than 14 days prior to the testing date by the school or the family. Any modifications or adjustments to our tests are made at Edutest's discretion and in consultation with the school, and any necessary third-party provider. The total cost of any alterations or adjustments is payable by the testing school.
Additional costs may include, but are not limited to; test translations, test adjustments, test modifications, additional supervisor requirements, additional psychometric requirements, etc.

Modifications such as braille papers must be requested no later than six months prior to testing, due to the production schedule for such papers. Modified tests remain the property of Edutest Pty Ltd. Edutest also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and ongoing use by the user acknowledges these changes.

Links to Other Web Sites

This web site may contain links to other third-party web sites. Edutest is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these sites. Such third-party web sites are independently owned, controlled, or managed.

Once you leave the Edutest website, the use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the site you are visiting. That policy may differ from ours - Edutest Privacy Policy. You should contact the site directly for more information before providing that site with any personally identifying information.

Fees and Refunds

Parents and students are urged to think carefully before purchasing online practice tests or registering for scholarship/entrance testing for selected Edutest schools.

Refunds for scholarship applications are awarded on an individual case-by-case basis, and Edutest will not be liable to refund any monies paid, for your own equipment failure, a change of decision regarding a scholarship registration payment or purchasing a practice test (including being awarded a scholarship or entrance to another school), incorrect provision of personal data, failure to meet a school's eligibility criteria, or lack of technological understanding or knowledge of online procedures. The above reasons are not regarded as legitimate reasons for a refund of fees.

A refund of a scholarship/entrance testing fee will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and is subject to a 25% processing fee to cover the associated costs for the payment and cancellation.

Some schools’ application fees are non-refundable and where a statement to this effect appears on their website or in their registration pages, no refunds will be considered.

No refunds will be provided within 7 days of the testing date.


Should a student be coughing or sneezing consistently during a testing, a decision will be made by the school as to whether to remove the student from the testing.

In cases of a student being unable to attend a testing session due to severe illness or misadventure, a medical certificate must be provided to Edutest by email to registrar@edutest.com.au. The medical certificate must indicate the student was too unwell to attend the testing and must be received by midday of the first working day after the testing. Provision of a medical certificate does not automatically qualify a student to an alternative arrangement or special consideration. Decisions about alternate sittings and/or test dates are made by the individual school.

Medical conditions: If a student has a serious, ongoing medical condition e.g. diabetes, anaphylaxis which you believe the school needs to know about for the testing day, an email must be sent to registrar@edutest.com.au prior to the registration closing date.

Remote testing

Eligible families are urged to contact Edutest on remote@edutest.com.au as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks prior to a school's testing date if they are wanting to organise remote online testing for students wishing to apply for entrance and scholarship examinations in Australian schools.

Remote testing incurs an additional fee which will be invoiced to the family by Edutest.

Edutest does not undertake to source or provide remote testing supervisors. It is the responsibility of the testing family to arrange a suitable independent supervisor and to submit that supervisor's contact details to Edutest for approval. Should a family not be able to secure a suitable supervisor, the testing will not be able to proceed. Most independent supervisors will charge a fee which is payable by the family. Edutest is not liable for any charges payable to supervisors or supervising companies.

The remote testing date must be scheduled to coincide with the school's actual testing date. The remote testing must be conducted on the day of, or no later than 3 days after, the school's actual testing date.

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure that:


All content contained on the website, including all software, graphics, text, results, reports, pictures and other material used in the provision of services by Edutest is the sole property of Edutest Pty Ltd. Users also agree not to copy, photocopy, download, distribute, print or use other technology to take data and information off the website.