Parents and students - Overview

What Edutest does
Edutest is an independent scholarship and entrance testing organisation. We conduct scholarship and entrance tests for a range of schools throughout Australia.
Edutest also has practice tests available for purchase for students to familiarise themselves with and prepare for our examinations.

Edutest testing dates
Parents can view individual schools and their selected test date by clicking the button below.

Testing dates

Registration Process
The registration process including applications and payments, is completed online.
Click on the school you wish to apply to and follow the prompts on the school's website.
For registrations for more than one school, a separate payment must be made to every school for which the student is registered.

Sitting an Edutest test
Generally, a student is only required to sit one test in Semester 1 and one in each of Terms 3 and 4. Most schools are part of the results transfer process. If multiple schools have been applied for the student must sit at the school with the first or earliest test date. A student's results will then be transferred by Edutest to subsequent schools that have been applied to within that testing cycle.
Some schools do not share results. In these instances, students may be required to sit multiple tests within the testing cycle. This will be highlighted in the special conditions associated with these schools. These can be viewed by clicking on the testing dates button above.

Parents must use the same email address for all applications.