Educational assessments

Educational assessments are a very valuable tool which enables schools to gain an objective scholastic understanding of the students they currently teach and those they intend to enrol.

Educational assessment includes the following:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning (Abstract Reasoning for years 2 & 3)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Written Expression (optional)

Edutest has the unique advantage of providing the school with more detailed and diagnostic feedback by:

  • distinguishing between Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, rather than combining these two constructs under one test
  • providing diagnostic data relating to questions/areas in which the student performed well or questions with which they struggled.

Edutest assessments are reliable and meaningful, providing valid data based on large normative samples.
Importantly, the construct of the tests allows a school to track student performance over time.

Educational Assessment provides the following benefits:

  • Group testing of an entire year cohort to assess the overall ability and achievement levels of the group.
  • Assessing an individual’s ability and academic achievement.
  • The ability to track students over time.
  • Helping schools to design individual learning programmes.
  • Measuring a school's ‘value add’.
  • A reliable way of determining the suitable year level for students who are transferring from overseas, interstate or from another school.

Testing options
Educational Assessments can be undertaken using pencil and paper or can be completed online.

Pencil and paper testing is administered by Edutest supervisors, with results being provided to the school within seven working days.

Online testing is accessible at any time via a secure login, and provides a quick turnaround of results. It is easy for school staff to administer and is ideal for testing new or prospective students at any time of the year.