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Scholarship & Entrance Testing Online Practice Tests

Scholarship & Entrance Testing Information

Find out which schools are offering scholarships and follow the steps to apply.

Online Practice Test

Is your child sitting a scholarship or entrance exam this year?

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Each test contains 4 sub-tests:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Numerical Reasoning
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Mathematics


For parents and students

Edutest conducts scholarship and entrance examinations for many schools. Most of these exams are held early in the year, and parents can view the schools and their dates for testing by clicking on the Scholarship and Entrance Testing information link on this page.

The Registration process is very easy and all applications and payments are completed online. Simply click on the school you wish to apply to and follow the prompts on the school's website. If you choose more than one school, then payment must be made to every school for which you have registered.

When a child is registered for multiple Edutest client schools and is required to complete a test on a day when more than one of the schools they have applied to share the same test date and common examination, Edutest will automatically allocate the sitting school and the child will be expected to sit the examination at that allocated school.  If you have a sitting school preference, please email registrar@edutest.com.au immediately upon completing your application with your reason.  It will be noted.   There is, however, no guarantee that your preference will be able to be accommodated as some schools have additional assessment requirements or their venue has a maximum capacity.  Venue changes will not be able to be considered in the eight(8) days prior to a school's test day.  https://aus.edutest.com.au

Generally, your child only needs to sit ONE test each semester. If you apply to more than one school, then your child must sit at the school with the first or earliest test date. Your child's results will then be transferred by Edutest to the other schools that you have applied to in that semester; that is, to schools that have not yet conducted their examinations. Some schools however, do not share results. Please refer to the special conditions associated with these schools:  Schools List

To access your parent portal click HERE
You must use the same email address for all applications.

Some schools require student photo ID to be brought on the day of the examination. Students will be asked to bring one of the following forms of ID to the testing:

  • Student card issued by the candidate’s current school
  • Current student travel card
  • A recent class photograph with name clearly shown
  • Passport (recent)
  • Current library card (with photograph)

Should a student not bring a photo ID, then a photograph of your child will be taken on the day of the examination. Parents will then be notified to send a photo of their child, which will be checked against the photo taken on the day of the exam. The photographs will not be used for any other purpose other than student identification. Once student identification is checked, any photos taken on the examination day will be destroyed.

The distribution of reports is a decision made by individual schools.  Not all schools provide reports to parents. Please refer to the school's information pack or the school's website for further information. The school is the sole decision maker when awarding places. A variety of factors are taken into consideration. The school sets its own criteria. After the scholarship testing day, Edutest does not supply additional information to parents.

Enquiries regarding the outcome of the examination should be directed to the school. Each school's selection process timeline differs and can take from 3 - 8 weeks from the date of the examination. However, the time could be longer depending on the school's selection process, number of applicants and number of places on offer. Please refer to the school's information pack or the school's website for further information.

Edutest also provides online practice tests for students who are currently in years 4-11, to help you and your child gain a better understanding of the style and format of the exams, and to make them feel more comfortable with the style of questions presented.

It must be noted, however, that the online practice tests are NOT coaching tools, and do not duplicate the actual scholarship/entrance exam material.

The practice tests have 20 questions per test, while the actual scholarship exams are more detailed and have more questions, with varying degrees of difficulty.