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Edutest is developing a new portal and online practice test system for 2016.

If you purchased practice tests in the new portal, they will be made available by 20 November 2015.

You will be notified by email of the logon details when they become available.




Welcome to the Practice Test login

Online practice tests are available for students who are currently in years 4-11.  Younger students may find benefit in accessing the year 4 practice tests as preparation for an examination. 

NOTE: There are only 3 sets of practice tests at each year level. It is possible to repeat these tests, however the content will not change. No refund will be given should you choose to repeat a test that has already been completed.

We recommend that students attempt practice tests at their CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR LEVEL.

You are able to select any year level you like for a practice tests. If you child has already completed all tests at their current year level, you may wish to select tests at a higher level.

How it works:

You can change the level of the practice tests to suit your child. However it must be changed BEFORE the test is started.

  • Log in using your Parent ID and password.
  • Click on 'Start new test', and drop down box with year levels will appear.
  • You then choose the level you wish.
  • Enter the name of the child taking the test.
NOTE: Once you have started a test, you cannot change the year level.

One set of tests for $25 (80 questions)
Two sets of tests for $45 (160 questions)
Three sets of tests for $55 (240 questions)

Purpose and design of Practice Tests:

Our online practice tests are the only material that is produced, or approved, by Edutest as preparation for an Edutest scholarship or entrance examination.

Our practice tests are not designed to be used as a coaching tool. They are designed to expose students to the style and format of an Edutest examination. They do not duplicate the level of difficulty, the number of questions, or sitting conditions, of an actual scholarship examination.

Our practice tests are designed to allow all students to achieve success and to feel confident at approaching the kinds of questions they will face in an entrance examination. Most students will achieve a score of between 75-100 % in a practice test. In comparison, scholarship examinations are designed to be quite demanding, in order to identify students achieving at the highest level. It is important that your child knows that the entrance examination will be challenging for them. It is important to note, and discuss with your child that it is quite normal for students to only complete, or correctly answer, about half of the questions in the exam. Students should not feel anxious if this is the case.

Practice tests, unlike scholarship examinations, are not timed. Students can pause and resume the practice tests as often as they like in order to work through questions or have a break. Scholarship examinations are conducted under strictly timed, exam conditions. Clear instructions are given by an experienced assessor prior to each sub-test.

We encourage parents to read all the information that is available on our website prior to their child beginning practice tests or sitting a scholarship examination.

Please refer to the IMPORTANT INFORMATION page about our practice tests or our Frequently Asked Questions.